1. Follow the instructions below to update AWS DeepLens: (Wi-Fi SSID and password is written on a sticker underneath the device)

2. Go to http://deeplens.amazon.net after connecting to the device's Wi-Fi network.

3. Follow the instructions to connect the device to the local Wi-Fi network and update its software if necessary. (You may need to re-connect to the device's Wi-Fi network after software installation)

4. Configure the device:

a. Upload the certificate zip file received from the XAQT team. Each DeepLens devices should use a unique certificate file.

 b. Create a password

 c. Enable SSH Server

 d. Click Set device password

 e. Enable video streaming (top right button)


5. Go to AWS Console

6. Use login credentials received from the XAQT team.

7. Go to Devices page

8. Verify Registration Status for all deployed devices:

9. Deploy a project, select Object-detection, Deploy to device.

10. Select registered target device, click Review, then Deploy.

10. Wait for the project to complete deployment.

11. Make sure all three DeepLens blue LED lights are on now.

12. Check the device streaming here.

13. Select the registered camera to view live stream and adjust angle accordingly.

14. Repeat all steps for all cameras